Office Open During COVID-19 Pandemic

Office Open During COVID-19 Pandemic

Open signThe offices of Ginny Estupinian are open and operational during the COVID-19 crisis to support you. Your mental health is as important as your physical health, and as such, psychologists are considered an essential business to assist you during this time.


Per the Order of the Health Officer of the County of Santa Clara 

“Individuals may leave their residence to obtain services at any “Healthcare Operations” including, mental health providers.”

You have choices to access our services


You can choose to:


1. Make an appointment to utilize our online Telehealth platformWoman using her smartphone to conduct an online therapy session (click here). I have effectively used this system for the last couple of years with many of my existing clients. This option is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to have a therapy session, but not feeling well or unable to travel for whatever reason. 


2. As stated above, my office is considered an essential business, and this allows clients to come in for appointments. Woman talking to psychologist Nonetheless, your health and safety are of foremost importance. Therefore, office appointments will comply with social distancing requirements, as outlined in the order. My office chairs are set 6 feet away from each other, but still provide for a private and personal session.  Furthermore,  I will not be able to see anyone who is suffering from any COVID-19 symptoms for the safety of everyone. However, should a client have symptoms or not want to come into the office, the Telehealth option stated above is still available to them. 

Dealing with Anxiety and Depression During This Time

Woman depressed during COVID-19 pandemic During these unprecedented and challenging times, it is reasonable to experience anxiety or depression. There is so much that is unknown, and this, in of itself, fuels a lot of anxiety. Currently, U.S. health experts do not fully know how this virus will play out.


Furthermore, news reports about the coronavirus and the possibility that it could become more widespread contribute to making some people anxious. For many people, they feel that they went from feeling well and prosperous to extremely fearful.


Now, add to all this the requirement of sheltering in place, and we can all begin to feel isolated and overwhelmed, which can lead to increase feelings of anxiety and depression.


Nevertheless, Let me state that it is reasonable to be concern about this outbreak; this is definitely a difficult situation.

When to seek support

If you feel an overwhelming nervousness, have a lingering sadness, or other prolonged reactions that may be adversely affecting your day to day life or your interpersonal relationships, then you should contact my office for support. I can help you find constructive ways to manage adversity and cope with the extreme stress you may be experiencing.

Remember, you don’t have to suffer alone. My office is here to help you.


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