man dealing with ADHD

Childhood ADHD  can continue into adulthood. In addition, many adults with ADHD were never identified or diagnosed during childhood. 


To be diagnosed, an adult must have had ADHD symptoms beginning in childhood that has continued into adulthood.



These individuals generally have a history of school failure, work problems, and unsuccessful relationships.  Car accidents and other types of accidents are also common.



Adults with ADHD are often described as forgetful, disorganized, restless, impatient, and unable to follow through.


Some individuals develop strategies (good and/or bad) to help them cope with these problems. Others only begin to understand that these problems are symptoms of a disorder once they are diagnosed.



The first step is to obtain a full assessment to determine if ADHD is present and the extent.


Then, a combination of education, medication, and cognitive-behavioral therapy are used to treat symptoms of adult ADHD and can greatly improve the quality of life and functioning.


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