Online Therapy


through the offices of Ginny Estupinian Ph.D.

The offices of Ginny Estupinian Ph.D. offer state-of-the-art online Online Therapy login pagevideo appointments that you can use when either you prefer not to come into the office, or you are not able to come into our offices for your sessions.


This new and useful technology provides our clients with a world of flexibility, and it is easy to use.



There are many practical reasons when online therapy is the best choice, including:


  • When you live too far from one of our officesLady doing online therapy

  • When physical limitations prevent you from coming into the office

  • When you are ill or not feeling well

  • When you are traveling on vacation

  • When you are going to be away from home on a business assignment or away attending school

  • When it is just not possible for any reason to come into the office.



Our online therapy platform allows you to keep your appointments and maintain that consistency that is vital to reaching your desired goals and objectives.


You will cover the same aspects of therapy that you could do in the office



Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to come in first before I can use the online system?

No, you can begin and continue having all your sessions online through this system.  The choice is always yours.


Is there a difference in the costs?

No. The session costs are the same for either online or office visits with no additional costs.


Is it safe and secure?

Your online sessions are fully protected with bank-level encryption and security. Your online therapy session is reliable and trustworthy with full data protection.


What equipment do I need?

To be able to take part in the online therapy session, you will need either a computer (laptop or desktop), cell phone, or tablet.

If using a computer you will want newer devices (purchased in

Smartphone, desktop, iPad, or laptop can be used for online therapy

Any of these systems will work for online therapy

the last two years) will be better equipped to give you the

optimum experience.


Regardless of the device you choose to use, they must all have:


  • An integrated or external microphone.

  • An integrated or external web camera

  • An internet connection that is at least 10 Mbps. (this minimizes connection issues and provides the best quality)

How do I join my online session?

You will be able to quickly and effortlessly join the session by simply clicking a link that our office will give you. You will then see and hear your provider on the screen.



Can I have a session on my phone?

Woman using her smartphone to conduct an online therapy sessionYes, you have the option to connect using a mobile phone or tablet rather than a laptop or desktop computer for your session.


 The mobile app you will use is available for both Android and iPhone.







Now you have choices and flexibility to help maintain consistency in therapy and maximize your objectives.



You can call our offices and discover all that is available to you